Another word for the smelly part of a female's anatomy. A vagina. A particularly dirty one can be called a "Muddy Gash".
I tapped Sandra last night, dayum, her gash was muddy. She needs to have a wash.
by Gash Lover July 05, 2006
1. A large amount of disgusting rubbish
2. A rather crude word for a female's vagina
1. Get all of this gash out of here!
2. Her gash was so sweaty
by I ain't saying! September 07, 2005
Some guys girlfriend
Since i dumped my gash i havent pulled since tuesday
by osknns April 29, 2005
The slit of a Female's virginia.
How is your Gash today , feeling good??
by Paulie February 26, 2005
an acronym for gonorrhea, aids, syphilis and herpes. Used in a tense implying that a woman is extremely nasty and probably has an STD
Damn, stay away from that chicken head, she got gash
by dkode December 01, 2005
Nasty looking female genitalia, as opposed to looking tight and trim.
Also; Gashpoint- a derogatory term for a brothel
Gash Mark 6- a woman in a hot and horny state
Look at the skanky gash on that!

That's one CHEAP gashpoint.

I fingered her so hard, she got up to Gash Mark 6 in no time.
by Rodney and Dez March 07, 2004
Refers to a nasty vagina or a dirty cock. Can be used as a noun to describe a slutty Female.

Eww..that rotz has a Gash! Ez Gash!
by MB the CCI Cougar November 08, 2006

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