A girls pussy, or you call a girl "A gash"
"Bruv where's da gash?" - Mate where's the girls?

"Cuz your girl has got some grim gash!" - Mate your girl friend has a horrible pussy

"Some Bare hairy gash"
by Chris Menzies June 06, 2006
A woman onboard a vessel may be referred to as a gash, which is vulgar only if said on dry land.
Me and my gash were out on the boat having a nice boat ride.
by dr pusbag October 05, 2003
1.An open wound i.e. A woman's vagina.
2.Something extremely bad
1.Your mum has the best GASH in the world!
2.Your mum's clothes are GASH!
by ©™ October 15, 2003
Adj. used in describing extremely attractive/fit women
Check out that gash!!
Gash!!! (as women walks by)
by Nathan C March 27, 2003
spare; anything left over; also meaning many.
Dump the rest of that, it's gash.
We went in there gash-handed and sorted them out.
by Sgt. Scrivener September 07, 2006
Can be used as simply another word 4 girl
i saw u speaking to that gash wot did she say
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
A large, ripped opening, usually caused by violent force.
I walked out of the store only to find that there was now a giant gash in the side of my car, and a guy running across the parking lot with an axe in his hand.
by BlastMaster June 19, 2003

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