Gonnorhea, AIDS, Syphilis, and Herpes. Something that often skanky girls have.
Watch out! Chandra has the GASH!!!
by Crazy Guy March 10, 2004
some dickheads from the country side call 'hash' , 'gash'
set me dat gash sos i can get high mutha fuka
by tomAzz January 19, 2004
Fuckin lush pussy

Fuckin dirty gash
Where's ma fuckin GASH got to!!

U got gash set for 2nyt

Dirty gash wudnt go near tht with a dick rash
by James November 14, 2004
Derogatory word for a stupid girl.
Melissa is a gash.
by Stump February 19, 2004
a guy with no job and no woman
choo wanna come over?
by Assey April 01, 2003
a boy
'look dere's dat gash'
'look there is that boy'
by daniela October 25, 2003

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