spare; anything left over; surplus to requirements; also, supernumary.
Dump the rest of that, it's gash.
We went in gash-handed and sorted them out.
by Sgt. Scrivener September 07, 2006
has 2 meanings 1 iz gal and da 2nd 1 iz means sex on legs
blad did u c dat gash ,nah shez cumin ma way 2nite yeh im gettin it simple and STRAIGHT
by etyujntgy December 24, 2005
Something that is disgusting to look at or smell. Derived from the fact that the female genitals do not generally look or smell good.
"holy crap, that looks fuckin gash!"

"you smell gash, take a shower"
by numb_nuts June 21, 2005
Rubbish/crap/stuff that's put into a bin.
Can you empty that bin its full of gash.
by dario g February 19, 2004
Girlz or Girlz Bein Rude... Another Word For A minge.
I Just Saw A Loada Gash At the Park.

She Flashed Her Gash.
by SumRandomSumbodi September 27, 2006
A group of girls.
Close friends.
Me and my gash went shopping last weekend, was bare jokes.
by xhaydybx September 29, 2005
exagerating, not telling the truth
"we were in the volley playing pool, that much is true. But Begbie is playing abssolutely fucking gash" - Trainspotting
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004

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