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this happens when going to town on a chick's vagina, and she farts in your face.
Jack's face was buried deep in Sally's vagina, suddenly she gas masked him.
by jade09 June 29, 2012
The action of cupping your anus with your hand farting and then clenching your hand into a fist so none of the fart can escape. after you simply cover someones face with your hand or gently toss it in the direction of there nose so they can wear your gas mask.
my little brother is sitting on the couch enjoying cartoons when i fart in my hand sneek up behind him and cover his face giving him a gas mask.
by dj fraustin March 23, 2011
after a long hard sporting event, the athlete takes the cup out of his jock strap, and procedes to shove the cup over a fellow teamates nose and mouth.
fuck that asshole, i hated when rich gave me that gas mask last summer
by Jermaine Rutt July 02, 2006
A delightful combination of two well known activities; Arabian Goggles & The Gunner. This is achieved by gently placing the gonads on the respective eye sockets of the eagerly waiting recipient while simultaneously lowering the anus and spreding the corn hole wide over the nostrils of your partner. The gas mask will provide you with endless hours of pleasure and entertainment.
The other night the Brucer got crunked and woke up wearing Smellvilles gas mask.

Pirate Speak...

"T' other night t' Brucer got crunked and woke up wearin' Smellvilles gas mask, Yaarrghhh"

The girl has her head in a pillow and ass in the air. You put your mouth on her peach hole and your nose in her A-hole. Then just start sucking and snorting like mad man (or woman).
Last nicht I saw my dad do a gas mask on my aunt.
by Adam Harigast February 01, 2005
This little number is where you make your hand into a cup shape and fart into it. Close the cup(your hand) and put it over an unsuspecting persons face. The look on their face not only from not knowing what the hell your doing and the awful smell with be a sure win for making you laugh.
I just gave your mother the gas mask and she puked all over
by b14ck1c3 August 22, 2006
The use of one's shirt collar, pulled up over the nose and mouth, to protect one from the stench of a recent fart. May also be pronounced "jayse" mask.
Dude, I totally just tooted. Gas masks ON.
by Irrelevant March 19, 2005