A physical state for chemical substances. And also a form of food for people that aper dislike.
Ät gas, dude.
by ap January 16, 2003
An acronym to describe someone with a homosexual disease. It stands for "Gay Ass Syndrome".
"Dude what's wrong with him" said Mike.
"Oh, he has GAS, you know, Gay Ass Syndrome..." said Paul.
by John_Lost_Locke April 17, 2009
Or G.A.S. Acronym for "Gimme A Sec" usually used while chatting.
Super Cookie: Hey, check out this link!
Papi Chulo: GAS, I'm checking my e-mail.
by Scarlettogd May 11, 2008
Go juice for my car
Dude, my car is totally out of go juice maybe we should hit a gas station
by itsallbindun August 16, 2003
Gay anal sex (The act of penetrating a penis into another man's anus)
Big Guy: Hey man, I have a big beef burrito waiting for you.
John Kizer: Aw sweet, I love GAS! Give it to me!!!
by T-Sizzle-Dizzle January 23, 2008
Another term for "Gay". Can use it interchangeably with other words containing the word "gay"
"that shirt you're wearing is so gas....."

"you look like a gaslord in that shirt..."

by smartypantss November 12, 2007
The title of a book about a humorous, in-depth look at the compulsive disorder and acquisition strategies of many guitarists' drive to own more and more instruments.
Have you been helped by "GAS"? It won't cure you, but you'll sure feel better after you find out you're in good company.
by Jay Wright July 06, 2006

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