used in offices when the manager wants a word on skype or messenger.

used when being lazy to get some one to come over.
Manager: Jonny "gas" about these figures.

Employee: Ok not a problem will be right through.

"hey pete, gas."

"yeah no worries mate will be right over."
by CWOschds May 06, 2009
your lying or your chatting shit
you gas sooooooooooooooooooo mmuch its just unbeliveable
by qwertyf February 12, 2008
Gas = Give A Shit
I Don't Gas - I dont give a shit
DUKE: yo dude, my girlfriend just broke up with me man,
N0AH: Yo man, does it look like i GAS?
by AznHitman September 27, 2007
1) something some don't have enough of
(like fuel for a car)

2) something some have to much of (farts)
1) Gas prices are shooting threw the roof!

2) After Billy walked in the room, I had to open a window
An acronym for Greed, Avarice, Selfishness
I just fucked the Emperor.
"Man, that's gas."
by Jim Ference November 02, 2007
A word that is said immediately after someone makes a stupid comment, and/or says something that is far from the truth, just killing the whole thing.
James: Remy Martin's voice sound sexy, yo!

by cute4rmday1 September 17, 2005
A popular nightclub on Pitt st in Sydney, Australia.
"Let's go get fucked up at Gas tonight, DJ Craze is playing and its only $35AUD."
by Diego August 17, 2003

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