or G.A.S.

Get a Sack. A term referred to by stoners when weed is not present but wanted. Generally said before the session meeting has begun to let the person know about the lack of marijuana at the current location.
Joe: Yo boy, it chill if i roll through.
Bob: We just smoked that J, GAS and fosho.
Joe: WTF bro, i GAS'd yesterday its your turn.
by burtonboarder8 May 22, 2007
its something to say when someone says something very untrue
person1:yo oprah is fine
by K Fleury February 05, 2005

Abbreviation for 'Give A Shit'.

So basically, it means 'Give A Shit'

Word created by Amy, Posted by Arti, First used by Amy, Arti and Elise.
"I Dnt Gas Bruv"

"You Fink I Gas?"

"We're too sikk to Gas Brv"
by Amy, Arti and Elise January 19, 2008
the word that two (or more ) of the kadrys say meaning something that sucks, is shitty, dumb, etc .
''My teacher gives us hw everyday'' Billy
"Ohh no way bro thats so Gas!!!!"
by deseret1689 January 26, 2009
Slang term for steroids. Commonly used when talking about steroids in a public place as a means of being discrete.
Lou--Dude, Rich used to be small but now he is jacked!

Lynde--He must be on the gas!
by Peter BALLIN' Parker August 05, 2008
really good. (from the word fire - meaning it is hot)
"That's a hot song we just recorded." "Yeah man, that's that gas."
by King.of.tha.Souf April 05, 2008
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