Nitrous Oxide
I got gassed out of my mind

Gas 3 for 20
by icecoldfatties July 14, 2009
In the tri state area (essex county,Nj Big up^ yo Brick city and illtown,NY Brooooooklyyyn,Bronx,Queenz,Harlem,Staten island,longisland) another way sayin u frontin, lyin or faking.. not real.
Eman: Yo ya bitch fucked me yezirday!!

Speed:Fuck outta here!!! U GASIN

Eman: NO-GAS NO-GAS and she sucked my dick like a fucken canible

Speedy:Nicca shoot 5..i want tha fade now

(Speedy poped off and Eman slipped it..then Eman mopped that nicca)

by Deepz aka EmaN August 20, 2008
pokerterm; to stake out and donk off your money to rolling scumbags.
OMFG i got right fucking rolled on GAS.
by Skivey March 30, 2009
1. a state of matter
2. the cloud of noxious fumes that emits from your ass when you eat wack-ass food
3. Go-juice
1. Pass me the Nitrous Oxide gas.
2. Roll down the window, Paul just let out some gas.
3. Does your car take the regular or the premium go-juice dude?
by sum yungai August 31, 2003
Exaggerating something or lying.
Narb: Justin Bieber dropped his balls.

Me: Dude, that's so gas right there....
by LOLWUTNARB May 21, 2010
gas reffering to someone who is full of rubish or speaks alot of lies
that guys gassing, his gas
by tom adam live October 24, 2009
or G.A.S.

Get a Sack. A term referred to by stoners when weed is not present but wanted. Generally said before the session meeting has begun to let the person know about the lack of marijuana at the current location.
Joe: Yo boy, it chill if i roll through.
Bob: We just smoked that J, GAS and fosho.
Joe: WTF bro, i GAS'd yesterday its your turn.
by burtonboarder8 May 22, 2007

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