(v) To make someone believe something, often an untrue statement
"...Don't let them gas you like Jigga is ass and won't clap you..." Jay-Z -- Takeover
by Giga January 28, 2005
Give A Shit
Teddy: Hey did you hear, Tina's mom fucked the school principal'

Mikey: 'GAS, that bitch fucks everyone'
by cloudstyla46 December 01, 2011
verb: to gas someone.

When a prisoner throws some kind of bodily fluid on a guard. They could throw fecal matter, pee, sperm, or blood on someone. This is called "gassing" someone.

noun: ALSO Someone's trying to tell you they have to fart. "They have gas."
verb: Prisoner throwing bodily fluid on a guard.

Prisoner: "I'm going to help you"
Guard: "and just how is that? How?"
Prisoner: "Prisoner 8672 is going to try and gas you tonight."
Guard: "Thanks for the tip. I'll watch out through the vents where they usually throw it."
by NotEcoliEcoli April 26, 2011
God Awful Smell
Fred: Ugh, what's that GAS?
Mary: I have no clue. Maybe it's from that farm nearby.
by Mr. Dr. General Silly Biscuit January 23, 2011
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