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Excessive over exaggeration.
"yo, rishi just said that he isn't the biggest bitch in the world. the amount of gas is real.
by theolddays April 30, 2014
Made popular by the rapper 2 Chainz, "Gas" is used to refer to some really good marijuana.
"And all my cars got gas in the ashtray"
by Hair_Weave_Killa November 13, 2013
verb: to gas someone.

When a prisoner throws some kind of bodily fluid on a guard. They could throw fecal matter, pee, sperm, or blood on someone. This is called "gassing" someone.

noun: ALSO Someone's trying to tell you they have to fart. "They have gas."
verb: Prisoner throwing bodily fluid on a guard.

Prisoner: "I'm going to help you"
Guard: "and just how is that? How?"
Prisoner: "Prisoner 8672 is going to try and gas you tonight."
Guard: "Thanks for the tip. I'll watch out through the vents where they usually throw it."
by NotEcoliEcoli April 26, 2011
Meaning 'give a shit' in a situation when one doesn't care.
Denise: you are going to break that vase your auntie bought you if you keep throwing that rubber band ball about.
J.P: G.A.S., it cost like 50 cents.

Lafondra: boy, you better get ya'll ass back here now or you ain't gettin' no pussy time.
Desean: G.A.S. chitch, ya'll pussy smell like fish anyways.
by Fjallraven February 18, 2014
Gassed is when you get overly excited about something you have heard and it so good you cant believe you have just heard that or something you have seen and you can't believe you just saw it.

It can also mean your lying. like when someone tells you something and you can't believe it.
That track go me GASSED!!!!

That must me gas
by BAPP BAPP January 21, 2014
Give A Shit
Teddy: Hey did you hear, Tina's mom fucked the school principal'

Mikey: 'GAS, that bitch fucks everyone'
by cloudstyla46 December 01, 2011
God Awful Smell
Fred: Ugh, what's that GAS?
Mary: I have no clue. Maybe it's from that farm nearby.
by Mr. Dr. General Silly Biscuit January 23, 2011