Excessive over exaggeration.
"yo, rishi just said that he isn't the biggest bitch in the world. the amount of gas is real.
by theolddays April 30, 2014
1. nothern irish word for hilarious/funny/witty. nowadays only used by a rare species of hyena.

2. a fart
1. hyena 1: oh my god did u see that guys face in that photo?

hyena 2: i know it was gas!

2. jesus that guy has bad gas.!
by evatina February 07, 2010
Meaning 'give a shit' in a situation when one doesn't care.
Denise: you are going to break that vase your auntie bought you if you keep throwing that rubber band ball about.
J.P: G.A.S., it cost like 50 cents.

Lafondra: boy, you better get ya'll ass back here now or you ain't gettin' no pussy time.
Desean: G.A.S. chitch, ya'll pussy smell like fish anyways.
by Fjallraven February 18, 2014
Irish saying to descirbe something being slightly unbelievable or hilarious.
No way???? That's gas!

Your one was gas!
by Irish Word Teacher February 14, 2012
The stuff that comes out of my ass!
I have gas in my ass.
by fdfdsfdfsd August 10, 2003
Gassed is when you get overly excited about something you have heard and it so good you cant believe you have just heard that or something you have seen and you can't believe you just saw it.

It can also mean your lying. like when someone tells you something and you can't believe it.
That track go me GASSED!!!!

That must me gas
by BAPP BAPP January 21, 2014
to bust, rap, freestyle
dam that guy can gas
by thejacka666 September 11, 2010

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