result of consuming an abundance of Taco Bell. May require the act of opening car windows.
Bridget! That chalupa gave you massive gas!
by Nards March 12, 2003
What you'll get after you eat something spicy or hot like wings or taco bell. Now the first couple minutes after you finish will leave you satisfied and full. But the next 2 hours will be pure hell.
2 hours after eating wings-n-things, im still suffering from gas. Im also close to the bathroom with the windows open and plenty of febreeze.
by ghettofuck94 September 03, 2009
Short for Gear Aquisition Syndrome.

Used by Guitar Geeks & musician gearheads when they are jonesing for a piece of equipment, usually rare or expensive, while posting in related user forums.
"I've got major GAS for that made in Japan Fender Jaguar, but I don't have $600!"
by dillholio August 21, 2005
america's biggest downfall, a substance that use to cost 99.
but now is fuckin exspensive as hell....
gas used to be about 1.05 now its 4.00....
by ipartylikearockstar4 February 19, 2008
Made popular by the rapper 2 Chainz, "Gas" is used to refer to some really good marijuana.
"And all my cars got gas in the ashtray"
by Hair_Weave_Killa November 13, 2013
1. calling something out on over exaggerating.

use as a noun.
2. to make someone out to be amazing.
dumb bitch: mr. miller's in love with me
me: that's the gas.

dumb bitch: you're the hottest guy at school
me: you're gassing me up.
by gasmasterrrr December 06, 2010
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