slang for cocaine
man, you wanna get on some gas before we hit the club?
by yo mama January 12, 2004
the stuff that people sometimes huff to get high... mostly Indians..
Hey... look at the Indian huffing gas.. he did NOT pay for that!
by im not telling October 28, 2003
Internet Slangauge mean "Gay As Fuck"
The cover of the new 50 cent album looks GAS
by Dj SkRilla November 18, 2005
DANGEROUS!!! Can be released from all kinds of thing, such as an ass!
A Croat, a Serb, a Muslim ,were having a competition of who can fart farther.
The Serb farted 5 miles, the Muslim 3 miles, and the Croat farted so much it could not be measured. On the evening news, it was announced that some unknown smelly gaslike explosion killed a grandma in Japan!! SO U CAN SEE THAT THE CROATS GAS TRAVELED ALL THE WAY TO JAPAN!!!
by Drazen April 25, 2004

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