The act of wee wee in anus

"Hey keith, i'm almost out of gas..."

"Oh shit, that's disgusting."
by be bo September 04, 2007
Anacronym for 'give a shit' as in 'I don't give a shit'
"Would you like some double glazing"
"how about GAS"

"Did you get the shopping dear?"
"No, I GASSED it"
by Hosk October 06, 2003
Ghetto Asian Slut

Asian girls with a shit load of eyeliner, eyeshadow, and high arched eyebrows & occasional various piercings.
Kelly: " Dude Lydia Paek looks totally GAS."

Bob: "But dude she's hella good at singing and she's fine."

Kelly: "Oh I didn't say she wasn't. I fucking love her but she looks crazy GAS."
by TinaMargarita September 12, 2009
One who is very attractive.
Damn that bitch is gas!

Dude Steve's girlfriend is gas.
by LaRose June 23, 2005
Slang for a soda's "fizz".
"Shit, this Coke's out of gas! How long has the can been open?"
by Lon October 13, 2003
Stands for gouch anus and sack. The procedure is performed by gay males. you start by making an 'ok' sign, then you insert your thumb and forefinger up your partners asshole. The middle finger is used to gently rub your partners gouch area. Last but not least, your ring finger and pinkey are used to gentaly lift and massage your partners scrotal area. The proper way to recieve G.A.S. is to hold the penis up with one hand while you use the other hand to stabalise your penis hand.
Patrick said to Jack "G.A.S. me baby!"
by Patrick hardy June 17, 2004
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