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A very small town in New Jersey. Spelled backwards Garwood is Doowrag! There are 5,000 residents in Doowrag, I mean Garwood! Garwood is nestled between Westfield and Cranford. Garwood does not have its own High School.
Westfield kid: "yo, let's go hang out in Garwood"
Cranford kid: "You mean doowrag...ha ha ha"
by JKY Love December 05, 2008
A very large obese/fat guy.
Big gut hanging over pants.
He sure has alot of Garwood!
by BGar October 22, 2006
a small town in new jersey, most everyone from garwood is pretty awesome. the town is laid back and very chill. most think of garwood as being a poor town, but thats only because its surrounded by snobby asshole towns that are "rich". theres so much to do in garwood, and A LOT of places to eat for such a small town, all in all, its probably the sickest and most real town in union county

*garwood backwards is doowrag, were automatically better than you*
bob: "lets chill in garwood, im so bored"
bill: "lets move to garwood, its so fucking awesome!!"
by themostawesomepersonever. January 13, 2013
An annoying person who every once in a while will be pretty cool.
Dude, James just harpooned Brendan and then invited him to a party. What a Garwood.
by Robert R. Magius February 11, 2010

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