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noun: A thread, made of some material, used to strangle a target, usually either in an assassination or an execution, i.e. before being burned at the stake.

A garrote may be any sort of long, thin, flexible, and durable object, and is often used impromptu. A purpose-built garrote is usually made of Nylon or a strong metal, and has handles at either end to prevent the garrote from slipping out of the assailant's hands. A more discrete garrote is made of a guitar string or piano wire, with fabric threaded around either end to aid in grip. Once the garrote is around the target's throat, unconsciousness and then death come quickly.

verb: To attack and/or kill someone with a garrote.
The French Foreign Legion trains its members to use the garrote for silent killing.

The politician was swiftly garroted, and no one nearby was any the wiser.
by MassiveD January 15, 2009
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v. to choke an advesary by wrapping your or another's cock around their neck.
"Bitch! Don't Make me find a 9 inch cock to garotte you with!"
by wickerman August 16, 2004
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Garrote is a weapon used to strangle a person.
I've found out on the internet that there were many types of garrote.With wire,chain,on a chair,and most of them are placed on history museum.
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by BlackPohatu January 26, 2017
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