something you may get a taste of while giving a rim job

undigested vegetables etc. that one ends up eating while giving a rim job
I was givin' this bitch a rim job and got a mouthful of garden salad
by m0loch October 01, 2003
Top Definition
A mixture of the legal herb k2 and weed, otherwise known as marijuana, in a smoking device.
Hey man, let's make that weed bowl a garden salad, I got some k2.
by gardensaladscal March 28, 2010
The vegan act of a garden salad, involving a carrot and a piece of celery. With permission, the carrot is inserted into the ass whilst the celery is placed in the vagina. Depending on preference this can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or simply used as storage.
I didn't wanna just tease the girl, so i gave her the tastiest garden salad she's ever had.
by kickflipinyoface October 11, 2010
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