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a particularly gracious bitch who waters your plants
Big Rod: Hey so how is that new bitch you picked up in the projects

Gamble: She's great. Luckily she turned out to be a garden hoe
by SPANKLING January 25, 2011
A woman whom of which prefers to have sex in a garden rather than in a house on any other types of surfaces.
James: Dude, this new chick I've been dating is a real garden hoe.
Sam: That sucks bro.

James: I know, I got thorns on my junk when we were doing it by the rose bushes.
by Urban slayer August 05, 2014
1. a girl that keeps her garden real nice and makes her seem like a nice girl but wen u walk in the house she acts like a hoe

2. a girl who dont shave her pussy but it aint as bad as a jungle its just a garden

3. smells like flowers or leaves wen ur doing her
'' dang girl u smell like a garden, u my garden hoe''
by hammy123 June 23, 2008