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An innuendo for anal sex.
If 'garage sale' was an innuendo for anal sex I would snicker more on weekends
by buckeh November 29, 2013
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When people try to make a profit off of objects/junk they never bought themselves.
Person 1: (hangs up sign for garage sale)
Person 2: I'd better get out of here, this is starting to look like a Garage Sale
by Shuastereno May 13, 2012
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a sale at some1's garage selling old junk for only a penny each
I went to a garage sale yesterday and got a beat up bike for only a penny!
by Jenerator August 30, 2003
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An event held by those wishing to sell their junk to others foolish enough to buy it.
I went to a garage sale and bought this broken lawnmower.
by the rawsonator September 01, 2003
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When a woman has too much junk for sale, aka giant ass.
Damn, that bitch has got one hell of a garage sale!
by Ben "Scraps" Grimm August 16, 2005
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