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An electronic music genre indigenous to London. Characteristic of having deep bass lines and incredibly paced and sometimes incomprehensible ragga style emceeing.
The Streets, Oxide & Nuetrino, MC Dynamite
by Ras Juan October 04, 2003
Primarily used for larger gatherings and as a back-up to the bunker in 1081. After the closing of Area 1081 the garage stepped up to take its place. A sanctuary and stress relieving environment much like its predecessor the garage offered escape to its invitees and was the site of many good times/tims.
Thanks Garage.
*foug shake
by foug January 12, 2005
music that is single handidly fucking up the underground music scene in the uk!
keep it jungle,keep it D n B,keep it Hardcore but garage can fuck right off
Any teenagers from greater london can make it big in a garage collective
by tabz April 04, 2004
Ear destroying, two step "music" which is the root of all gun crime in Britain.
I didn't get into the garage club last night cos I set off the metal detector in the entrance. I only had a machette.
by mercunium September 20, 2003
A genre of music that has never made it out of Britain. The reason why is because it's shite.
Craig David's "music" sucks
by Snake May 09, 2005
an oversized vagina
her vagina is as big as a garage...what a ho
by The real mack daddy November 13, 2003
Unfinished piece of pseud-breakbeat music created a vista from repetition of one loop with no melody. Music genre on the verge of extintion due to internal and external wars between hundreds of members of every garage group (ie. crew - made up of exactly every black, chav and mixed race teenager from the estate). UK Garage artists tend to stab people or become part of gun violence episodes once they got famuous (not before like their american counterparts).

see also: Underground Garage - same as above but with so low budget, that has to be made on Playstation and there's no enough dosh for a real deep rollin bass... but ther's always ca. 30 fifteen year old mc's to fill the gap.
"Blood, let's chat on dat low quality ringtone loop me got on da phone and mek sum underground garage though... init.. ya get me"
by rude_boy February 17, 2006
musical interest of chad, and chad alone....
"you should listen to garage" -chad
by pirate August 19, 2004