When people try to make a profit off of objects/junk they never bought themselves.
Person 1: (hangs up sign for garage sale)
Person 2: I'd better get out of here, this is starting to look like a Garage Sale
by Shuastereno May 13, 2012
the sale of crap CDs from the early 2000s that remind you how shitty your taste in music was then
"I tried to sell my So Solid Crew, More Fire Crew and Big Brovas albums at a garage sale for 50p, but no-one would buy them so I had to throw them in free with a box of out of date Maltesers."
by Alianne September 13, 2003
a sale at some1's garage selling old junk for only a penny each
I went to a garage sale yesterday and got a beat up bike for only a penny!
by Jenerator August 30, 2003
An event held by those wishing to sell their junk to others foolish enough to buy it.
I went to a garage sale and bought this broken lawnmower.
by the rawsonator September 01, 2003
When a woman has too much junk for sale, aka giant ass.
Damn, that bitch has got one hell of a garage sale!
by Ben "Scraps" Grimm August 16, 2005
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