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When people get all their useless old crap and put it on their driveway/lawn, set the price, and sell it to people
The computer I'm writing this on has parts from a garage sale in it.
by sum yungai August 31, 2003
7 3
The re-sale of old items that have collected in parts of the house (often the basement of the garage). Dominated primarily by lower-class citizens or senior citizens.
"If you haven't used it in 6th months, I think it's safe to sell it in the garage sale."
by Kristen December 01, 2003
8 5
A bunch of junk is in someones garage that is trying to be sold. Everything is dirt cheap. See yard sale.
by anonymous August 31, 2003
4 1
A term used to loosely say,"I need money."This is commonly used in such places as The Hood. If the term is used in a richer society,it is defined as "Please take my old things,I have no more use for them."
"They cut off my welfare,so I sold my t.v. in a garage sale"
by Justin August 30, 2003
3 1
When a skier/snowboarder wipes out HARD. Usually results in eqipment going one way, clothes and goggles going another way, and the actual person eating shit.
Guy 1 on the chairlift: Dude did you see that shit!
Guy 2 on the chairlift: I know man, poor guy had a complete garage sale.
by Kanary November 13, 2010
1 0
the sale of crap CDs from the early 2000s that remind you how shitty your taste in music was then
"I tried to sell my So Solid Crew, More Fire Crew and Big Brovas albums at a garage sale for 50p, but no-one would buy them so I had to throw them in free with a box of out of date Maltesers."
by Alianne September 13, 2003
7 6
A peculiarly middle-to-lower class phenomonen where the chiuldren of a household sell all their parents belongings at the weekend claiming poverty.
It works well on two levels for the children as:
1) they get the proceeds of the sale and
2) they get a pocket money raise because the parents feel guilty for not giving them enough pocket money in the first place

Sometimes used to fence stolen car stereos in the more dungeoneous povo estates
Mother: Have you seen my vibrator darling? I've looked everywhere for it...
Father: Oh God, I think the kids have just had a garage sale. I swear I saw Mrs Fisk from number 18 walking home with a smile on her face.
by Surgeon_General September 01, 2003
10 9