A peculiarly middle-to-lower class phenomonen where the chiuldren of a household sell all their parents belongings at the weekend claiming poverty.
It works well on two levels for the children as:
1) they get the proceeds of the sale and
2) they get a pocket money raise because the parents feel guilty for not giving them enough pocket money in the first place

Sometimes used to fence stolen car stereos in the more dungeoneous povo estates
Mother: Have you seen my vibrator darling? I've looked everywhere for it...
Father: Oh God, I think the kids have just had a garage sale. I swear I saw Mrs Fisk from number 18 walking home with a smile on her face.
by Surgeon_General September 01, 2003
Top Definition
a way to show the world how quickly you give up on hobbies
1: this is a nice baseball bat, where did you get it?
2: i used to play but i gave up so now i'm selling it for two cents
by christin September 06, 2003
When people sell their old/used/worthless things on their front yard at bargain-basement prices. Called such because people often clear stuff out of their garage, put it on their front yard, and decide that instead of throwing it away, they may as well sell it.
If you add a "b" between the "r" and the second "a" in garage sale, you'll see what a garage sale really is.
by Rodney Basil December 22, 2003
The act of a skiier wiping out big time. Usually classified by the uncontrolled flailing and loss of poles and skis.
The skiier who thought he was hot shit garage saled big time in the middle of the trail.
by AcR August 29, 2003
n. When people who want to earn an extra buck throw their lameass crap on their front lawn and ask people to buy it for slighty over what they paid it for. These events are usually frequented by old people, soccer moms, and cheapskates.
Garage sales usually smell like old people and antiques. I didn't even know antigues smelled until I went to a garage sale.
by Stuff It August 29, 2003
In canoeing, a difficult stretch where the inexperienced frequently capsize.

This term makes more sense applied to canoing where there are boatloads of gear than in skiing where the gear strewn is limited to skiis, poles, and maybe a hat.
We should be at the garage sale rapids before noon.
by mandingoe May 24, 2004
Sociological term: A method by which people of the 20th and 21st century transferred unwanted items around from one house to the next.
She bought a pogo stick at a garage sale last Spring and sold it at her own garage sale the next Spring.
by annieannieannie October 28, 2003
Usually used in snow skiing or snowboarding. When a rider has a horrible wipe-out with clothing and gear spread all over the slope, looking like a yard sale.
Man! Bob just made a huge yardsale going down the black diamond
by the brehmander August 31, 2003

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