The act of "hopping" from one garage sail to another, often with the assistance of a newspaper listing.
Dave and Theresa got up brigh and early every saturday and went garage sailing.
by arcan August 25, 2003
Top Definition
The pasttime of attending garage sales in pursuit of other peoples junk that may or may not be cool.
I think we'll go garage sailing this weekend for Velvet Elvis'.
by rzklkng August 25, 2003
The process of driving from garage sale to garage sale (or yard sale, etc) in suburban areas without any real specific goal in mind, or maybe some rough goal, such as "getting a bookshelf." It usually involves intensive haggling over prices.
We woke up early saturday morning to go garage sailing.
by nuage August 26, 2003
You attach a huge-ass sail to your garage on a windy day and try to
out run the cops.
I wiped out when we went garage sailing and snapped my dick.
by soop-kitchin maneiack August 26, 2003
To sail in your garage.
Holy shit Bill! Look at the garage!
by Scooter August 25, 2003
beats me.
I dint know what happened I must have been garage sailing.
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
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