Created when one mis-typed "arg"
An exclamation of anguish
Gar! Why won't this gizmo work?
by The Commy Monkey March 29, 2004
Shortened form of nee-gar, white folk slang, primarily used by rednecks.
I smell a gar.
A cee-gar?
No, a nee-gar!
by Homey Claws October 13, 2003
"Greasy ass residue". This is the stuff which causes a bacon strip on one's underwear. It typically is generated on a hot day and happens several minutes after having gone poo when you simply didn't wipe good enough. It often forces you to go back into the restroom and wipe again. You must be careful becuase if it gets bad enough, it can be smelled by others if talking in a group. Note: if you can smell your own Gar, chances are good that others can as well.
I went for a run last night in the heat and it was so uncomfortable. When I got home, I had Gar so bad that I had to wipe 4 times.
by Parrothead02 November 21, 2014
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