(schoolboy slang)
I droped my gar.
by cuthman April 07, 2010
Short form for gargantuan. Infact, by shortening the word, you increase the emphasis on how incredibly gargantuan something is.
He has the most gar....
That meal was totally gar!
Check out those rims - they're frickin' gar!
by 19Ferg84 December 06, 2009
A term used for girls that are very annoying and wont stop talking and shut up
Girls Are Retarded
dude that girl is GAR

I know she is so not FTB
by B12FTB October 28, 2011
Gay Anal Rape. Refers to the amount of penetration a male anime character can endure without shedding "manly tears" or having his sphincter reduced to a bloody mess.
Weeaboo #1: Damn, Simon survived Kamina's Giga Drill Attack for a full 20 minutes before losing consciousness.

Weeaboo #2: I told you that nigga was gar!
by Blascowitz April 18, 2010
Grown Ass Retard, someone who is not clinicly retarded, but acts like a fucking retard
Look at that GAR over there trying to catch water with a net
by Thuggy Fizzle March 27, 2010
the word that comes out of a panda's mouth. the language or noise that is made by panda bear.
gar! gar gar gar! gar! gar...
by leiwei_panda January 18, 2010
Get A Room. Can be used as a command or a noun, the second referring to a couple.
1. Wow GAR guys
2. That party was fun last night, except for all the GARs there. It made it really awkward
by WhyDoUNeedToKnoMahName? May 24, 2009

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