Word used to describe an extremely awful situation you unexpectedly wound up in (sometimes due to either bad luck or poor judgement or choice), that you are unable to get out of.

2. Extremely horrible circumstances 3.Wrong place at the wrong time
"I can't believe we let them talk us into driving all the way down here with them. I'm so bored. This is totally gape."
by mrmcracken April 26, 2010
Top Definition
The stretched out asshole after being fucked in the ass. A result of dukeing it.
After I tore her ass up, she had a huge gape.
by C-Dog March 16, 2003
the diameter of someone's fully stretched asshole.
Guy 1: What's your gape bruh?
Guy 2: 4.5 inches.
Guy 1: Dang bruh!
Guy 2: Yeah man, I had my boyfriend stretch me out last night.
by Goatmaster Sanchez December 27, 2015
A term usually associated with one's overly dilited anus.
Prisoner 1: Yo my nig, why that guy walkin' like dat?
Prisoner 2: SHHHH! He got a gape from all da ass slammin' he be gettin'. Yadda mean?
by Cockroids June 26, 2016
A hardcore punk band from North London, England
Have you heard of that new hardcore band Gape? No? Neither have I
by hailofabuse July 29, 2011
Cape worn by a gay man.
Eddie looked fagulous in the gape, it was pure cashmere.
by fair_claire September 01, 2010
To stare or look at in wonder
"Let's go gape the Coloseum"
by GWill August 06, 2005
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