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An extended holiday for public school graduates usually involving "finding themselves" in the depths of Thailand or Byron Bay. Luckily for these travellers they probably (although not a set rule) have Daddy's credit card "in case of emergencies," which results in the family going bankrupt...but at least their darling child have some life altering experience. The standard haunt for the gap yaa traveller being the Cadogan Arms on the "KR." Here they can be seen in there droves sporting a beaded necklace and peroxided hair. These are the Gap Yaa Tragedies.
"Mate, mate i've just got back from my gap yaa. Mate I totally discovered who i was at Koh Phangan when i had a bucket. They put Red Bull in which is like Red Bull but like totally stronger, mate it was insane. Dude"
by jaquesrousseuxsolar June 20, 2008
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