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a hairy, dwarfish creature that dwells under a bridge and is a trusted employee of The Gap. Often wearing the original Gap Denim Button-down and khakis, it allows entry into The Gap only to those who are wise enough to answer its riddles correctly. When excited, it will dance, rubbing its buttocks in a fit of joy, against its annoyed coworker or other patron who didnt answer the riddle correctly.
---What are you?
"I am the Gap Troll"
"Im quite an object I must confess, put one of me in a barrel, and I make it weigh less. What am I?"
---"Umm...a hole?!"
"YES! Welcome to The Gap!"
by Ariel Rebecca March 09, 2006
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1. A small, ugly, humanoid that lives under a bridge and guards the entrance to The Gap, asking customers riddles.
2. A small, ugly student that lives in the school and gives head to twizzlers. Not to be confused with the Underpants Gnomes.
"I am the Gap Troll! Welcome to The Gap!"
by Natepalm October 28, 2003
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