to rape a person of their life without their consent in an MMOrpg
to kill/attack a person with risk to yourself in a Prison - especially when they are not looking

to avoid fairness , cause your to weak to win a fair fight
I ganked their ass , cause im an online rapist in training!

I ganked their ass, cause i cant win a fair fight.
by star55 April 15, 2010
Top Definition
To be killed without mercy on a MMORPG for the sport of it.
I went to fight that dragon and got ganked by a gang of Pkers.
by ThunderClap April 19, 2003
To steal something
I ganked some cds from k-mart
by gimpalicous May 07, 2003
for one to have stolen something; to get jacked
Man that nigga big earl juss ganked my stash.

I just ganked the shoes right off that bitch.
by nichole December 30, 2004
to get jumped or killed by someone of a much higher lvl in a MMORPG
Those guchs from reborn ganked me on hindemith
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
To be killed by someone or someones where there is no chance to win
5 lvl 60s kill a lvl 2
by BillyMcPresscot May 10, 2005
To get robbed, stolen from, ripped off.
That guy ganked me when he sold me those wet firecrackers.
by driftwoods September 26, 2006
to be killed PvP in an MMORPG when you weren't looking for a fight
That lvl 50 just ganked me while I was walking around farming
by brainybones July 10, 2008
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