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Murder by slapping someone repedidly
SS: Coach Z what are we doing here?
Coach Z: You was tryin to gank me!
by Redlen September 24, 2004
3 22
to destroy in a game such as a FPS.
"I ganked that jerk"
by randel October 29, 2002
5 24
a nick name for some one named frank who happens to be gay.
Frank Estupinan is a gank
by John Wallman April 16, 2005
5 26
The foul probably-bacteria-based product of sweat, rubber, and stagnant air. Found in your average high school wrestling room - the stench rotates - until it reaches you, festers inside your nose and lungs until you quickstep away complaining of the gank. A sickened facial expression normally accompanies the word.
Blehhh... what is that ... gank.
by Riot June 04, 2004
4 25
GankTo Ejaculate.Also to "Cum"
"Damn, He just Ganked all over my hand.
by Ashley August 24, 2004
6 30
1. what i do to people(some call it stealing
2. what happens when i turn down a girl cause she is ugly
1. i just ganked seans shoes

2. whoa girl, andrew just ganked your ass
by Andrew August 08, 2004
2 29
foul or disgusting
That ho's shit smelled gank.
by Scot February 26, 2003
4 34