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To kill another player, usually many levels lower than you, usually in one strike, not giving the other person a chance to fight back. Occurs on MMORPG games like Lineage II and World of Warcraft. Also known as PK'ing or Going Red on Lineage II.
Haha, I gotcha back, thats for ganking me outside Dion Castle Town the other week.

When I get bored, I gank noobs.
by Bill July 07, 2006
Murder by slapping someone repedidly
SS: Coach Z what are we doing here?
Coach Z: You was tryin to gank me!
by Redlen September 24, 2004
to destroy in a game such as a FPS.
"I ganked that jerk"
by randel October 29, 2002
a nick name for some one named frank who happens to be gay.
Frank Estupinan is a gank
by John Wallman April 16, 2005
The foul probably-bacteria-based product of sweat, rubber, and stagnant air. Found in your average high school wrestling room - the stench rotates - until it reaches you, festers inside your nose and lungs until you quickstep away complaining of the gank. A sickened facial expression normally accompanies the word.
Blehhh... what is that ... gank.
by Riot June 04, 2004
GankTo Ejaculate.Also to "Cum"
"Damn, He just Ganked all over my hand.
by Ashley August 24, 2004
1. what i do to people(some call it stealing
2. what happens when i turn down a girl cause she is ugly
1. i just ganked seans shoes

2. whoa girl, andrew just ganked your ass
by Andrew August 08, 2004
foul or disgusting
That ho's shit smelled gank.
by Scot February 26, 2003