To kill another player, usually many levels lower than you, usually in one strike, not giving the other person a chance to fight back. Occurs on MMORPG games like Lineage II and World of Warcraft. Also known as PK'ing or Going Red on Lineage II.
Haha, I gotcha back, thats for ganking me outside Dion Castle Town the other week.

When I get bored, I gank noobs.
by Bill July 07, 2006
To rip-off someone. To not give them what they paid for.
These chips are stale I got ganked.
by Roy Miller November 23, 2002
Part of the mank-jank-skank-rank-gank scale of just how bad something is. All are negative terms.

gank is worse than
rank is worse than
skank is worse than
jank is worse than
Genocide is completely gank.
by James Keenan May 25, 2006
pr. (gayn-k)

1. a man or women (tends to a man due to inherent chavuisnism) who posseses great talent in one area or another, and chooses to parlay that talent into a lifestyle (or at least a small life phase) of selfish hedonism and apathy.

2. One who could be virtuous with his/her life position, but instead chooses a path of vice, debaunchary, and borderline unethical behavior.

Other detials:

a) the person is intelligent (at least above average)

b) the person is fully aware of their "gankish" (see adj. definition) decisions while feeling little or no regret.

c) when a gank is asked why they behaved in one manner or another, they respond with "Because I could".
Bill Clinton was a gank when he decided to recieve a blow-job under the oval office desk from a young White House intern.

Bill Clinton
Jack Nicholson
Oliver Stone
John Wayne
Wilt Chamberlin
Robert Parish
Ted Kennedy
Their dad
Jack Welch
Enron executives and energy traders
the Kozlowski family
by keever October 28, 2005
A gank, or the act of ganking, occurs when a woman's buttcrack or breast cleavage is exposed, and you insert an object, a pencil, finger, pen, coin, whatever, into said cleavage. The acting party must then proceed to say "GANK" in a loud, matter-of-fact manner.
"I totally ganked Maureen the other day when she was crouching down, picking up something."

"I'm going to gank her."
by William October 25, 2004
A type of cabbage native to the Ukraine. Also known as a gank-flower.
"This gank salad is superb, Darlene! I must have the recipe!"
by Kalmazoo702 May 29, 2003
the event in which you are deprived of or cheated out of an orgasm; when you are deprived of an orgasm while in the process of achieving orgasmic status
I got ganked when my boyfriend was getting me off and my roommate walked in.
by Dana April 17, 2003
commonly reffered to in the video game "Halo" it is the process of hitting someone with anything in your hands. also known as melee.
"Man, i just ganked the fuck outta bobby with the flag!"

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