gunky sort of skank...the nastiest sort of woman anyone has ever seen
say andy fool, lay off that gank!!!
by ajay March 01, 2005
Describes something of a low quality/nasty, often related to marijuana.
Leo bought some gank weed.

Man that weed is gank!

Yo, that's gank...
#nasty #dry #dirty #sick #gross
by Dan Touds May 05, 2010
To take, swiftly, quickly and probably illegally.
I ganked this neaklace from Polly because she never wore it anyway.
#take #grab #give #shoplift #gink
by L.S. Lee December 11, 2009
some really bad powder, or cocain.

when a dealer puts unknown substances in cocain, either to get a better profit or to make it more addicting.

usually makes you act or feel crazy

not pure
"man sold me some gank, im a bust heads when i come down"

"this gank sh!t got me feelin psycho"

"ya boi got you on some harsh gank"
#gank #powder #cocain #coke #ganke
by animalistic_instincts August 06, 2009
1) To take or steal something that isn't your's
2) To gang up and kill someone on any type of video game
1) That guy just ganked all my money!
2) Let's go gank that noob.
#stroink #ganked #wow #world of warcraft #computer games #computer words
by cheesemonsta April 29, 2008
a word said while in the act of stealing something so as to be noticed as a joke
while taking your buddies hat "gank!"
#steal #exclamation #yoink #take #joke
by justin42888 April 11, 2008
gang-killing in a MMORPG
GANg-Killing, hence gank.
omfg 15v1, gankzored!
by Igetgankedalot May 10, 2004
to steal.
I ganked a bar of candy from the corner store.
by elia April 10, 2003
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