gunky sort of skank...the nastiest sort of woman anyone has ever seen
say andy fool, lay off that gank!!!
by ajay March 01, 2005
commonly reffered to in the video game "Halo" it is the process of hitting someone with anything in your hands. also known as melee.
"Man, i just ganked the fuck outta bobby with the flag!"
Word meaning bad or nasty>
Has links to the word rank, but has not specific meaning.
"Your a proper gank"
by Ryan Dean April 19, 2005
Murder by slapping someone repedidly
SS: Coach Z what are we doing here?
Coach Z: You was tryin to gank me!
by Redlen September 24, 2004
to destroy in a game such as a FPS.
"I ganked that jerk"
by randel October 29, 2002
a nick name for some one named frank who happens to be gay.
Frank Estupinan is a gank
by John Wallman April 16, 2005
The foul probably-bacteria-based product of sweat, rubber, and stagnant air. Found in your average high school wrestling room - the stench rotates - until it reaches you, festers inside your nose and lungs until you quickstep away complaining of the gank. A sickened facial expression normally accompanies the word.
Blehhh... what is that ... gank.
by Riot June 04, 2004
GankTo Ejaculate.Also to "Cum"
"Damn, He just Ganked all over my hand.
by Ashley August 24, 2004
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