The best quality weed you can find. Made from the finest-quality Jamaican marijuanna.
You can take my money and you can take my house, but you cannot take my ganja, mon.
by AYB March 10, 2003
for all yall ignorant mother fuckers ganja is a type of weed just like dro and real authentic ganja can only be bought in alanta georgia.
David-You got any ganja???

Brien-Naw dawg I only got that Dro.
by BBoP November 07, 2007
phat amounts some of the best shit around
hash ,pot, puff ,weed ,shit ,gear ,sweet mary jane, solid,resin
by moka choka March 10, 2003
ganja , also known as gans .

im effin stoned.. =)
u got them gans?...... im so high.
by johnny potsmoker February 04, 2005
A strain of of the indica hemp which is very strong, grows on jamaica.
I-man smoke di herb, I an' I see to it babylon no hear. Me give di ganja I-tection 'cause di ganja i-tal.
by slag December 30, 2002
orig: refers to Jamaican weed, or massive amounts of marijuana used in Rastafarian religion
Ja give me the ganja to use, he say use de herb of de field, mon! It holy!
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
Sean, Hellsy, Bodhi's fav drug
this ganja rocks
fuck me am stoned off this ganja
by Anonymous January 19, 2003

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