another word for weed! x-x weed joint
Man a ganja breed Me get high pon me chronic til me eye dem a bleed De coke head a nah we speed ! .....
by njxx May 27, 2006
The Shit, verry good jane. best that i have ever had.
I smoke that shit all day.
by Nicky March 24, 2005
the best kinda shit around
Dougie Hine smokes vast amounts of ganja
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
good shit man! basically another word for mariJ, and some of the finest too
-Lets go over to the basement and smoke some ganja.

-Shit mon, John just hooked up with her??
No its ok it was only the ganja
by bobmarley35 April 15, 2005
the name of a super-sweet ultra-good dog that lives in morgantown west virgina. ie: my best friend
hey're a good girl
by twst1up December 10, 2004
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