slang term for marijuana
ganja=marijuana and can be smoked out of a bowl, joint, l, etc
by heartlesscontroller July 27, 2008
an australian bird
Ganja; no mon. Don be disrespecting. Ganja is a bird from Australia.
No, marijuana, no. Marijuana is a girl from cuba.
Herb man. Herb...
by Zyrcon May 24, 2004
Jamaica's finest.
Im goin' to Mo Bay on a ganja vacation mon...
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
of the cannibus familia, a plant smoked for its mellowing effects, also a plant that when smoked produces the "munchies" and makes stupid shit funny
That crazy rasta just tried to sell me some ganja! I hope its good!
by tony Reno January 19, 2004
a plucked stringed instrument of indian origin. It uses sympathetic strings along with a long hollow neck and a gourd resonating chamber to produce a very rich sound with complex harmonic resonance.
Also known as sitar
My names Muhammed, i work for Dell's tech support and i also like to play the ganja
by GrahamB September 10, 2008
The highest of Grade. This is the kind of Weed that will take you higher each toot. The term ganja is ussualy only used to say "this is high!!!". Ask your local Dealer for some "Ganja" next time, you may get a selction of bags.
"Thats some good Ganja mon!"

*softly* "Yeh mate!"

"S*** Son!"
by Dan. M. Watts. August 01, 2008
the best fucking thing yet to be used by people. Fuckin chronic ya. Get fucked
Shit lets smoke that ganja.
by a blitzed fucker May 20, 2007

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