A natural plant that's from the ground and is often smoked by the pound , it was put here for human consumption and pleasure ,
Sebastian rolled a joint with an ounce of ganja
by Scrublord34 March 08, 2015
One of hundreds of different ways to refer to marijuana, specially when refering to high quality stuff.
John: Wheres the Ganjaaa!!!
Snoop Dogg: (blatantly coughs and doesn't pass it)
by Andres Demarchi September 30, 2006
the name of Rick James' beloved pet dog
"Yo Ganja! Don't none smoke none a dat junk! It ain't for good dogs!"
by Clobberruski June 24, 2009
cannabis. It is not the leaves and it is not hash. It is an endearing, affectionate, reverant word for the marijuana herb flower.
Let's smoke some ganja.
by XaMp_XopH January 05, 2010
it is just another way to refer to cannabis u fat headed monkey fuckers it does not have anything to do with quality
its just like saying green or bud
person 1: does ganja have anything to do with qaulity
person 2: no u tosspot
by scarztnc January 28, 2008
a special vegetable that, once you try it, you fall in love with her!
I burrrn ganja, with no shame as bob marley told me he does, we are ganja's original fun, because ganja's good and we like to smoke it... legalize!!
by king of the bongo August 03, 2007
Another word for Marijuana, Used most in Jamaica but is also used every where else in the world.
Person #1: Hey want some Ganja?
Person #2: Yeah man get totally high off that shit.
by Lofolofo November 04, 2009
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