1)a magical herb that makes for a totally sweet, out-of-body experience. you smoke this herb in times of need, joy, or any other occasion at all, any time.

"grandma died, i dont know what i will do!!!"
"let's smoke some ganja!!!"
hours later....
"i feel so much better now."
by berk man March 20, 2006
The East and West Indian word for marijuana from the Hindi language...The Indica strain of cannabis has the highest percentage of THC than any other strain grown...The word is used in the West Indies because of the East Indian influence from culptivating and smoking the buds of the plant...Ganja was brought by the East Indian slaves to the Carribean and then spread all over the world from there, but Indica Ganja originated in India.
I want some potent ganja

The most potent strain of cannabis is called indica ganja
by cuppa lilly May 08, 2008
It has nothing to do with the quality(altho jamaican ganja is da best)the word was introduced to West Indians by Hindu indentured servants; meaning weed or cannibus.
Person A:wanna go smoke some cigs?
Person B:fuck u, i aint leavin mah ganja,biatch!!
by Shoz March 24, 2008
the ground up buds, leaves, and stems of the cannabis plant, smoked or otherwise ingested to produce psychadellic and euphoric mental effects
Gimme some more of that killa-ass ganja mayn...
by Khronic March 12, 2006
Another name for weed
Yo u sellin that ganja
by liltag25 March 10, 2010
Marijuana most often high quality
I had some great Ganja last night
by Fred February 16, 2004
is not jamacian its not slang .....
its hindi !
it passed down to the west indes ...
rascloth, dis bumbocloth ganja is good mann !
by angellliiiiccaaa January 25, 2009

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