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when you smoke alot of weed you can have these intence feelings of outer being such as being so stoned out you dont know what is going on around you but have a good over look of reality and could care less. this is a pretty place that has happy feelings and when you arrive you no longer have a care for what you were doing. also you may be inspired when here, when a artist needs inspiration they go here and soon they will have what they need. to decribe this place is like decribing sex to a virgin you just cant decribe it, you must experiance it for yourself. you will realize also that you live in reality and you can look back on reality and say fuck it because the truth is that reality sux and to realize this you should smoke weed
in ganja land i can visit who ever i want and do as i please, its my fantasy world its my world its my place
by ihaveissues November 15, 2004
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