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to achieve the highest level of gangster, OG status possible. coined in the late mornings of highschool sophomore history, originally coming from Puerto Rican descent, this term is rarely used as there are very few things that achieve this level of thugnificance.
Jose's gangstrocity was evident as he pulled a slip and slide, broke the 7 ft b-ball players ankles, and chucked off the backboard for a self alley... WHAT!
by Gully K October 24, 2007
Your level of gangstism
Hey Jons Gangstrocity is off da charts yo
by The el diablo April 25, 2009

When someone or something is worth being called gangster 6 or more times within a small faction of time.
Rollin' on those dubs is committing a gangstrocity!
by Papa Yank Dizzie February 24, 2011
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