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A quality that certain 'gangstas' possess in which they can attract females with their 'gangstaness.'
Girl; check out Rakim, he's looking mighty gangstalicious
by ikilled50cent March 04, 2005
Used to refer to someone and/or something as ghey or literally homosexual in some extreme cases.

Commonly misused as being a rare trait of a real gangsta. (being his/her "over the top" sex appeal)

"Ganstamatic" should be used in reference to a high level of "coolness" or sex appeal.
Gangsta1: Damn!! That wiggah just stole my bike!

Gangsta2: That be damn motha slicin' gangstalicious!

Example 2:

Guy1: I love men

Guy2: whoa shite, you goin ganstalicious on me?
by blaiwesd July 25, 2006
To be hard, to be gangsta, to be affiliated with others who themselves are gangstalicious
Man Adam is so gangstalicious no wonder he joined N.W.A.
by Lanserlicious August 26, 2007
loc'd out ass samper nando cracka combination of the two words gansta and delicious
a blizzle and a fizzle is gangstalicious
by pc g's November 09, 2007
Means enjoyable to gangstaz by gangstaz, but not normaly to regular law abiding folk with jobs an all. A quality that about only 10% of all people posess. Usualy used jokingly to describe something as corny and lacking feelings and emotions.
That flic by TI, ummm... o ATL! ya um, it wasn't as gangstalicious as tha trailer said it would be dawg.
by Adrian June 19, 2006
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