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the act of stabbing up a target with two or more people, particularly in games like grand theft auto
Gamer1: dude wtf?!?!?!
Gamer2: what happened?
Gamer1: i just got gangstabbed
by excaliburrrr February 25, 2011
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the act of stabbing someone with a knife with a group of people

DISCLAIMER this is actually someones gamertag but my friend is some dumb he read it as gangstab while it is really gangsta b
Last night in GTA4 we gangstabbed some pedestrians.

Jermery: Yo guys there a kid on my friends list whose name is Gangstab.
Sebastian: Are you sure I think it is Gangta B

Jermery: Are you stupid its gangstab
Me: How bigs your dick no homo ?!??!!
by igotroofied February 24, 2011

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