Gangsta rap manages to ruin the image of hip hop, black people, and actual gangsters in all possible levels.
Its lyrics are usually about urban crime, drugs, guns, bitches, gangs and all that stuff the rappers and their listeners never actually saw or lived with.

Most artist have some very tame background with some kind of criminal life, like selling pot or cocaine in high school for a couple of bucks, or doing graffiti in the post office's window. Some of them were eventually shot or went to jail for some very pathetic reason wich made them fell like the next al capone. After being lucky and obedient enough to become successful in the music industry, they live as eternal wannabe thugs in huge mansions drinking champagne and watching video clips in their plasma tvs, you know, the stuff the so called "white people" they so much criticize usually do. Very few of them have ever been caught doing the kinds things they claim to do, except, of course, having sex with a handful of women. They do have sex with those women as long as they are well payed. Still they spend most time just beating the crap out of them for self-assertion, because in the gangsta culture, real sexual intercourse is not manly enough.
If you are looking for musicians that did fuck a handful of women search rock bands in the 60s, especially those who don't keep bragging about it, those are usually the real deal.
Its audience consists solely of suburban american teenagers who are naive enough to believe that a guy dealing with real organized crime would take the time to go record an albums, do interviews on MTV and take pictures with their shirts off for magazines.

Some conservative individuals as blind as the kids who listen to gangsta rap, do blame it for the increase in violence, crime and drug use among teenagers. The truth is people who listen to that are just some rich kids doing crack. Actual criminals and gang members don't take gangsta rap seriously since they have a very good idea of how fake it is.

The violent nature of rap has also been used on a very unpredictable way as a mean of propaganda to encourage young people to accept going to the war in Iraq to get their ass shot as if that was something a gangsta would do. Gangsta rap is, after all, controlled by white collars, who are also among the group of people who profit out of wars.
by Jones Sones December 22, 2009
Top Definition
Gangsta rap was formed...i think it was '87 maybe earlier by N.w.A., the niggas wit attitude. people often get rap and gantsa rap confused when they say all rap glorifies rape, murder, women as sex objects, guns, etc...however when you hear these lyrics you are listening to gantsta rap, not just normal rap. gangsta rap is credited as the reason why hip hop music is so controversial. lately, gangsta rap has become much more tame (although it is still pretty hardcore, look at DMX) then the days of NWA.
If you hate hip hop and think it is all about bad shit, look at some other rappers that are not in gangsta rap, for example chamillionaire, paul wall, mos def, etc
by i wanna piss on you April 06, 2006
Subgenre of rap which became very popular in the late 80s and early 90s due to popularity of performers like Ice T and N.W.A. Originally was used to describe harsh realities of life for a modern black male living in poor areas of US. Later, however, the genre expanded and included downright vile messages of violence and hatred against white people, females and so-called "haters" (people who dislike the genre or particular performer).

-Sense that some of performers suffer from severe severe mental retardation (see Nelly, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Cash Money Records roster)
-Mumbling (in some cases) see Lloyd Banks, I20)
-Heavy use of profanities - in particular, words like "hoe" or "bitch" (female), "nigga" (friendly black male or female) and to lesser extent "cracker"/"white devil" (applied to white males primarily)
-Heavy use of words "aha" and "what?" in the background.
-Poetic lines similar to the ones below
"Well nigga lets get one thing clear, I don't leave the block without my glock.
Is it because i'm standing with your bitch? Or got all these stones on my wrists?
Don't think you're leavin' here with this. I don't leave the block without my glock."
-Stabs at balladry, usually dedicated to Tupac Shakur (who is currently releasing new material, 10 years after being shot) and to lesser extent to Biggie Smalls (who is recording new material after being shot, but not as often as Tupac). However, some ballads are dedicated to other subjects as love and non-violence (see Ja Rule, DMX)
-Almost total absence of females in the genre. The ones that do rap (see Lil Kim, Foxy Brown) tend to talk about material things and their love of thugs. However, there's a large amount of beautiful black ladies who appear in videos, usually in order to satisfy enormous sexual appetites of male performer.
-Heavy use of jewelry and extremely expensive cars in videos, all of which are discussed in lyrics in detail.
Dude, have you heard that new track by Ludacris ?
No, dude, i'm not into gangsta rap. It sounds dumb to me.
Well, he actually sounded like a horny moron talking on the phone to one of his slutty girls.

by Alastis March 25, 2006
An oxymoron. The #1 rule of being a gangsta is to keep you law breakings quite, but #1 rule of being a rapper is to tell everyone about what you did.
Gangsta 1: Im such a gangsta rapper! I just shot that dude and now I'm gonna tell the whole world.

Gangsta 2: You are a dumb mother fucker.
by Arizz February 22, 2008
The worst sub-genre of rap there is. It condones violence, use of recreational drugs, racism and other prejudices, objectification of women, and hatred, just to name a few things. What's worse is that because most mainstream rap is gangsta rap, many people seem to think that it's the epitome of rap and that it reflects the entire genre. Because of these overgeneralizations, many people miss out on the great music that is alternative rap. Gangsta rappers set a bad example for young and impressionable black kids everywhere. They don't even realize how negatively influencial their "music" is. Gangsta rap- not music, but a desecration of the respectable genre of rap.
50 Cent and Mike Jones are both gangsta rappers. However, they are niether gangstas nor rappers.
by Kazera June 14, 2006
1)A hypocritical musical genre in which its authors glorify violence, drug dealing, murder, and sex. When the author's are asked about it's influence over the youth they commonly respond by saying "I'm not glorifying im just telling what I've seen growing up"..... However when you listen closely in the music 9 outta 10 times this is not the case.

2)The reason alot of these young nigga's is dyin.

3) A perversion of true Hip-Hop.

4) A contributory factor in the genocide of African American's in which greedy mogul's such as Jay-Z, Puffy, 50 cent etc.. know, yet they don't care cause it sales.

5) Just another reason for white folks to call black folks ignorant.

1)Yo son word on the street is the number one cause of death for black youth is murder, but I aint hearin that cause I got my headphones on listening to my mentors in this gangsta rap song.
2)Racist: "We don't gotta hang'm no more all you gotta do is lettem play dat der gangsta rap and letem kill themselves."
by B JizZle September 23, 2006
Gangsta Rap(noun)- a sub-genre of rap which is an evolved form of Hip-Hop whos agressive lyrics express a violent attitued that typically glorifies violence and drugs.
Gangsta Rap sadly and ironically competes against the original form of Rap which is a branch of Hip-Hop which was/is aimed towards seizing gang violence.
by Sean McDonnell January 05, 2008
White man's favorite type of music because its the sound of an entire race of people losing all self respect they ever had.

A genre of rap that sells out and stereotypes an entire race of people, and rap in general. White people like it because it "raps" about gangs, sex, and drugs, something that middle class America doesn't experience in general. Also, because of gangsta rap, other less violent-tone versions of rap are underappriciated and stereotyped.
Non-White Person: Why you so happy about 50 Cent's new "hit"?

White Guy (Bobbin his head): 'Cause gangsta rap is the sound of MAlcom X and MLR Jr. rolling in their graves!! Biatch!!!
by That one fool... March 27, 2007
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