Gangsta rap:

It is important to note how I use the definition of the word music. ..The term music in this case is used to describe the art form of Gansta rap. However, One could say that I am using the term loosely And conclude that one is being polite rather than use an explicative such as garbage instead.I also use the term artist loosely And art form as well.

1.)An art form that employs hate, greed, crime, drugs violence and the belittlement of women . used in conjunction with sampled sounds and rips and vocals from rock songs . To promote a form of art that lacks any talent with the exception of various colorful metaphors or fowl language or combinations there of.

2.)A form of music that uses sampled sounds from the work of real musicians to fortify the lack of talent of the artist.

3.) A highly simplified form of music by which the non-musician can produce beats and patterns in combination with sampled sounds from true musicians work and then combine with lyrics.

4.) An art form not recognized by musicians as music. Where extremely dumb people shout obscenities and sample Tracks from the songs of rock or other musicians.

5.) A form of music whereby the artist has no talent what so ever and lacks the ability to compose music. Most” Gansta Rappers” lack any form of musical training or ability or knowledge in any instrument whatsoever.

6.) A form of idiotic behavior where by young men who have never lived in the ghetto or experience hardship of any kind. Yet dress and act as though they had. <poser> Most of which wear their pants around the buttocks area for purposes unknown. The majority of which look completely stupid to everyone else despite that they feel themselves to be stylish.

7.) The Only form of music that seems to have a contagious ‘dumbing down’ effect. It is advised of people to avoid listening to it to prevent lowering ones IQ.

8.) The current form of art used by major record labels to sell Cds And mp3s and make billions of dollars from obscenities , stolen music and regurgitated lyrics from bastardized rock songs. Although people are being ripped off they seem to buy this form of music and it is a far simpler form of music for the weak minded individual.

9.) A form of bastardization where by one can using a computer and simplistic equipment take high quality sampled clips of rock or other forms of music and combine them with artificial drum beats and base tracts combined with a number of repetitive obscenities. And record a “song“.
Gangsta rap-
The typical gansta rapper feels that going to prison is a right of passage. They lack education, common sense , manners and good dressing habits. A great many of the Rappers of this time are homophobes who are in fact closeted homosexuals. Names such as 50 cent and Snoop dog are but only 2 names on the list of several homosexual/pedophile rappers who publicly object to homosexuality yet behind close doors engage in homosexual acts. Rappers such a snoop dog and 50 cent are known for having drug additions such as the use of crack cocaine that in effect warps their minds.
by Electro chic September 08, 2006
A form of traditionally African American speech accompanied by music which is often stolen from other more talented musicians. This form of music has recently been adopted by urbanite middle-class Caucasians who see the tough image portrayed by traditional black artists as best reflecting who they are under their pasty white skin. The music is often violent towards everyone and everything still drawing oxygen into their lungs.

Many words have been added to the English language thanks to Gangsta Rap. Words like "tha" or "da" instead of "the". Phrases like "buss a cap in dat ass" roughly translates into "I will shoot him."
Dis Rap is da bomb! Beatch!
by The Toddfather July 08, 2004
The dumbest, stupidist form of music ever. It is a black guy who knows no words besides bitch, nigga, hoe, and cracka.
"Hey, how's that one gangsta rap song go again?"
"Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga"
by HAHfdjiewenfkkjfdjf November 06, 2011
Gangsta Rap a type of rap music sub genre thatis generally viewed as music that condones violence, sex, murder, crime, cursing, and more controversalmethods to entertain listeners. Yet, even though the majority of gangsta rap artists have beenusing those types of ways to express their feelings about the gangster lifestyle is a misconception that Gangsta Rap is primarily a definition of violence and adult themes. Eazy E has stated in a 1993 interview that it is up to the individual on how they do their music. There are many ways to do Gangsta Rap with out the use of controversal standards such as expressing the ghetto enviroment, rapping without cursing in a non unethical manner about being a gangster, and many other things that can contribute to the formation of Gangsta Rap it is not limited to just sex and violence
Mitchy Slick is a San Diego native of Lincoln Park in Bay Vista. Even though sometimes he does express his gangsta rap persona in a threatening manner . There are many songs on which he is civilized and talks about the gangster life with out such horrific description. In songs like "I Know" he raps about how people are still not getting record deals when they deserve it and how they are still in the streets looking for a way out and yet they still represent where they are from
by fourteendekoy January 24, 2011
As every intelligented person knows, msuic MUST consist of the following things
1: Talent (Rap has none)
2: Melodies and notes (Rap has none)
3: Instruments (Samplers and Turntables aren't instruments. Guitars, Pianos, Saxes, Drums Trumpets ect. are...and by the way, Rap has none)

Anyone who sings (is that singing?) gangsta rap is not even "gangsta". They'd be dead in a second if they went to 'da hood'.
by Rob September 27, 2005
a genre of music invented by dads
also referned to as hop-hip
noise pollution
gansta c-rap

to the normal public its known as rap or hip hop
"er turn that 'gangsta' rap off"
by Katie and Hannah February 10, 2008
straight from

"Gangsta rap developed in the late '80s. Evolving out of hardcore rap, gangsta rap had an edgy, noisy sound. Lyrically, it was just as abrasive, as the rappers spun profane, gritty tales about urban crime. Sometimes the lyrics were an accurate reflection of reality; other times, they were exaggerated comic book stories. Either way, it became the most commercially successful form of hip-hop in the late '80s and early '90s. In the process, gangsta rap caused considerable controversy, as conservative organizations tried to get the albums banned. Even when the activist groups forced certain bands off major labels, the groups continued to make their music uncensored."
I like gangsta rap (mainly Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, to me they're the cream of the crop) and I don't really see a problem with listening to it, and I'm white and I live in a suburb, as well as play an instrument (electric guitar). I also type correctly (as you can see), and I don't act "gangsta". sometimes I'll joke around with a friend and act like that, but for the most part people just take the genre WAY too seriously... people forget that music is about expression, whether it be positive or negative, and most people can't handle realities other than their own, which is why most middle-class conservatives have backlashed against it. it's just mainly for entertainment purposes, as with all forms of music, and sometimes for spreading awareness and opening people's eyes to the world around them. life isn't one big happy fucking party.
by [facepeeler] August 03, 2008
Check Yo Self, a fine gangsta rap tune by Ice Cube. Theres beat, rhyming and lyrics. Where the hell do you fine that in Rock and hard core metal. Wouldnt you rather listen to NWA rapping about the ghetto life instead of a hard core rock muthafucka screaming into a microphone. That is bullshit. This is the urban dictionary, since when do you see a homie listening to hard core rock in a pimped car... NEVER. Did Ice Cube ever scream in his life, my god. And all of you rock listeners voting thumbs down, why the fuck is you here? Rap has every thing a song needs. Yo, all you G's i know you will vote thumbs up on this on.
Yo, man did you see that Escalade with the loud gangsta rap song coming out of the speakers?
by NWA-4-LIFE April 28, 2006

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