Gangsta rap:

It is important to note how I use the definition of the word music. ..The term music in this case is used to describe the art form of Gansta rap. However, One could say that I am using the term loosely And conclude that one is being polite rather than use an explicative such as garbage instead.I also use the term artist loosely And art form as well.

1.)An art form that employs hate, greed, crime, drugs violence and the belittlement of women . used in conjunction with sampled sounds and rips and vocals from rock songs . To promote a form of art that lacks any talent with the exception of various colorful metaphors or fowl language or combinations there of.

2.)A form of music that uses sampled sounds from the work of real musicians to fortify the lack of talent of the artist.

3.) A highly simplified form of music by which the non-musician can produce beats and patterns in combination with sampled sounds from true musicians work and then combine with lyrics.

4.) An art form not recognized by musicians as music. Where extremely dumb people shout obscenities and sample Tracks from the songs of rock or other musicians.

5.) A form of music whereby the artist has no talent what so ever and lacks the ability to compose music. Most” Gansta Rappers” lack any form of musical training or ability or knowledge in any instrument whatsoever.

6.) A form of idiotic behavior where by young men who have never lived in the ghetto or experience hardship of any kind. Yet dress and act as though they had. <poser> Most of which wear their pants around the buttocks area for purposes unknown. The majority of which look completely stupid to everyone else despite that they feel themselves to be stylish.

7.) The Only form of music that seems to have a contagious ‘dumbing down’ effect. It is advised of people to avoid listening to it to prevent lowering ones IQ.

8.) The current form of art used by major record labels to sell Cds And mp3s and make billions of dollars from obscenities , stolen music and regurgitated lyrics from bastardized rock songs. Although people are being ripped off they seem to buy this form of music and it is a far simpler form of music for the weak minded individual.

9.) A form of bastardization where by one can using a computer and simplistic equipment take high quality sampled clips of rock or other forms of music and combine them with artificial drum beats and base tracts combined with a number of repetitive obscenities. And record a “song“.
Gangsta rap-
The typical gansta rapper feels that going to prison is a right of passage. They lack education, common sense , manners and good dressing habits. A great many of the Rappers of this time are homophobes who are in fact closeted homosexuals. Names such as 50 cent and Snoop dog are but only 2 names on the list of several homosexual/pedophile rappers who publicly object to homosexuality yet behind close doors engage in homosexual acts. Rappers such a snoop dog and 50 cent are known for having drug additions such as the use of crack cocaine that in effect warps their minds.
by Electro chic September 08, 2006
bullshit marketing scheme that suburban middle-school fags think is real

in reality, gangsta rappers either talk about
a) activity that gang members often do but doesn't require being a gang member to do
b) being a member of a gang, when it's obvious that if they actually did anything or were anybody of any importance in a gang, they would actually be in jail
c) complete bullshit to sell records

basically, rappers are so much more rapper tahn gangster, it doesn't matter
There is no such thing as gangsta rap.
by jnak December 27, 2008
A subgenre of rap music where the lyrics focus mainly on organised crime, prostitutes (referred to in gangsta rap as "hoes"), drugs and life in the slums of the United states.
Person 1:"I saw Person 2 listening to gangsta rap"
by King of Qwerty December 28, 2008
a form of rap made famous by former gang members and convicted felons. lyrics involve raping white bitches slappin nigga hoes, drinkin ma juice? shooting rival gang members and rival record c.e.o. selling crack and playin hoops. terminology involves bitches(women) nigga(a friend) crib(house)ride(car)deala(corporate affairs manager) the average gangsta rapper makes so much money from one single they could buy a small country. all videos must have by law at least 80 women at a slo-mo party the main gangsta must be seated in a white vest with a gold tipped walking stick drinking champange and holding keys to a fleet of mercedes cars. but genuine gangsta rap should not be confused with trash rap such as eminem who is as street as an emo with a library book. a good cheap way for white wanabees to emulate such stars as eminem and 50 cent on the cheap, is to put a sticking plaster on their face wear nba gear break your ankle so you have a nice limp and stick spinach between your teeth which you can suck on for that genuine teeth suckie noise.
gangsta rap aint nutin but crap,sell out muthafucka swapped corporate papers for smokin crack
by da origanal playa May 18, 2006
An utterly ridiculous form of music made by complete morons…The only themes it can draw on are always of the lowest common denominator… In many ways it’s actually really conservative, bigoted and right wing…Also it can bear some (though not all) responsibility for the continual socio/economic failures of black urban youth in the USA and the UK…
Gangsta rap innit blud
by Stratostreak December 07, 2006
take the worst genre or music in the world...add more guns...more bitches and' fowties...mix it all together with some pure human feces...voila...gangsta rap
Guy 1: hey how did u make the bathroom stink so fuckin bad man??
Guy 2: Oh that...I just took a gangsta rap...
by alex g May 15, 2005
Gangsta Rap(ping)-(noun, verb): A subgenre of Hip-Hop music depicting the life of violent inner-city youths, marked by large scale profanity, sex, homophobia, racism, promiscuity, misogyny, rape, street gangs, drive-by shootings, vandalism, thievery, drug dealing, alcohol abuse, substance abuse and materialism. The genre was pioneered in the mid-1980s by gangsta rappers such as Schoolly D and Ice-T, and was popularized in the later part of the 1980s by groups like N.W.A. Gangsta rap became the most commercially lucrative subgenre of hip hop
Yo, this gangsta rap music by Ice-T is really bumpin'!
by Piper Leigh February 02, 2011
Gangsta rap is the outcome of white corporations taking over a type of music in order to make money by commercialize sex, violence, and misogyny as a thing that only "black" or Hispanics do while caucasian people do the same exact things.

This new genre derived from hip hop and rap in the late 80's and 90's. At first, rap was made for minorities to express their difficulties of a hypocritical society. They used rap as away to increase attention on the sufferings that minorities faced everyday but as rap became more and more famous corporations began to take over rap slowly and instead of rapping about "Adidas" and on how the streets of the city are driving minorities 'to the edge" rap soon began a way to show how African-Americans are "thugs" that are violent, sexist, and constant drug users when in reality they are just people like everyone else.
Gangsta rap is racist. Why do they even play that on the radio?

Forget gangsta rap, I only listen to old school rap and underground rap.
by Numberonehyperactive January 10, 2011

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