Having to hang off the side of a motorcycle when doing a wheelie in order to keep going in a straight line or to make a corner. Arms full lock out to your side with your entire body beside the bike.
Guy's got mad crazy gangsta lean goin on!
by Matt Kliewer June 01, 2007
When gangsters affraid of drive-by, they lean sideways.
Reshon: "Why are you leaning to the right, man?"
Cecil: "To save my ass. It's tha gangsta lean."
by MaggyG March 31, 2006
How gangsta's pose. They stand ith back arched backwards, one foot slightly forward, and arms crossed one on top of the other, like they are loosely hugging their shoulders. Usually used when checking out a hot chick in a short skirt, it allows a better "view". Commonly followed up with the word "Daaaym" or similar.
"Man, I seen this hot bitch come struttin in her Von Dutches. Anyway, I gangsta lean back for a better peep, and I was like "Daaaym!" Gotta get that one's phone numba!!"
by West Coast Rydah October 31, 2006
Listen people are gettin gangsta lean wrong direction wise
a gangsta lean is when u have ur stereo bumpin nice and loud wit ur LEFT arm resting on the top of the door (where the windows come up) and layin flat back on da seat wit ur right arm on the steerin wheel and bobbin wit da beat
Homie 1: yo that looks tight driving like dat
homie 2 in car: yea its ma gangsta Lean
by Terencio September 01, 2006
when a gangsta is driving and he is completely leaned over into the passenger seat, bopping his head up and down with one hand on the wheel. usually he'll be blasting rap and have weed, booze, or a hoe in his right hand
hi guys! look im an prefomring the "gangsta lean"
by pablo rainman April 22, 2006
You can tell who's doing a gansta lean by how stupid they look in there cars. They are almost in the passenger seat while driving. This looks even funnier when the person is driving a crappy car like a Grand Am or some Ricer car.
I saw that kid driving his riced out Eclipse and doing a gangsta lean so I put up my finger for him. He then procedded to turn around and catch up to me by the next stoplight. I then beat his ass down in my American Camaro.
by Bryan January 28, 2006
The two real meanings are these, 1. When someone wants to show that theyz hard, or want to show that they aint scared of a certain place or people that they roll past, or that they jus wana look hard. when u have one hand on the wheel leanin slightly out the drivers window usually with loud music

2. When you get your ride fixed so that the front end is lower than the back, leaning towards the road, or when your fronts higher than your back, leanin up towards the clouds. people use it alot with hydraulic cars.
1. yo that motha fucka gangsta leanin on our patch, bitch ass mark
2. that shits gangsta leanin fo real bro
by Dangerous D (P.O.B) June 28, 2007
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