The illest (and one of the sexiest ;p) girl playin Socom!

also currently in illuminati who are the funnest (word?) clan!

I <3 my sexican and I LOOOVEEEE RACHEL
Gangstagirl 20 kills 2 deaths
by Gangstagirl August 14, 2004
Top Definition
A girl that makes her own money by hustling, slanging. A girl that doesn't need to suck dick to be rolling in money. Tough female that can beat you the fuck down if you call her a hoe, bitch, or any disrespectful word.
It's hard to get with a gangsta girl cuz they're cold hearted.
by Mz. Gangsta July 25, 2009
1)a girl that is tough like a guy.
2)a girl that is in a gang full of guys
guy#1 - That girl look fine as hell, I wanna try and holla at her
guy#2 - Naw, I tried that and she anit havin it cuz she a gangsta girl!
by muckgirl May 09, 2005
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