The term used, generally by white girls, to describe "gansgters" or rowdy african amercans.
Girl 1: "Look at those Rowdy African Americans."
Girl 2: "Oh my, They are rather Gangsta Gansta."
Girl 1: " I concur, they are indeed Gangsta Gangsta."
by GangstaaaaGuh September 02, 2010
Top Definition
That's what they're yellin'.

It's not about a salary, it's all about reality.
Gangsta Gangsta. What more can I say?
by The Gangsta Nation January 22, 2008
a statement of excitement or joy.
boyyy, dis shit is Gangsta' Gangsta'!
by Cracka'fo'sho' February 28, 2005
another way to say ur chopped or high on weed bout to choke on dat gangsta gangsta!!

2. guy: WAT U ON B??

by dope masta March 25, 2008
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